With an East Coast mindset and an LA zip code, Corie brings her humility and work ethic to the glamorous lifestyle that the west coast is known for. She uses her personal experiences to relate to her audience as she finds ways to communicate through wordplay and imagery. She is bold, blunt and somehow subtle in her way of saying what she has to say. Though you may not have heard her, she is still trying to speak to you. Will you listen?

Corie received a great education from the University of Maryland, finishing with a Masters from Georgetown University.  She worked in the sports industry for a few years, but always felt that an integral part of herself was missing. In 2015, she finally stopped ignoring her passion for art, abandoned everything she had on the East Coast, and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of becoming an artist.  

“Ever since I was little I always found myself drawing and coloring for hours on end.  I never even entertained the idea of creating art as a full time gig until my mid twenties.  It’s almost inconceivable to think of leaving a secure job industry and pursuing something so uncertain - but once I did, I never felt more alive. When my murals or pieces touch and inspire people, it reminds me of why I took this leap in the first place.” Corie looks at dark times in the world as an opportunity to shed light on community and art in a unique and captivating way.